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Desana Mist (Misty), female, white, born in 1999. Misty's father was PPeruvian Vengador and her mother was PPeruvian Christina. She is one of our foundation females. Misty is a good mother and easy breeder.  We have chosen not to breed her last year the last few years. 

CF Peruvian Lily
, female, white, was born in 2002. Lily is Misty's daughter. Lilys father was MFI Peruvian Wellington. Lily won 5th place in her class of white females in the National AOBA competition in the spring of 2004.  Lily is currently bred to CT Estrada of Island Alpaca Farm ( 

CF Snowdrop
, female, white.  Snowdrop is Misty’s second daughter born May, 2004. Snowdrops father is NWA Ltd, Artero, a grandson of Hemminway.  She was bred to Polaris and had a white male cria in July '07. 

, female, true black, born in 1998. Conchita’s father was 4Peruvian Matador and her mother was Peruvian Evita.  She is a retired breeder, good with our tour children and one of our original girls who will remain on the farm the rest of her life.   

7067 Peruvian Claudia
, female, light beige, born in 2002 was added to our herd in June of 2003. Her father is Cperuvian Donatello and her mother was 6Peruvian Judy.  Claudia was not bred last year but has delivered 4 healthy cria for us, all in various shades of beige. 

CF Peruvian Honey, female, light fawn, was born in 2006.  Her father is DPA Peruvian Powerplay and her mother is 7067 Peruvian Claudia.  Honey has had three cria and was not bred this year.  She is for sale for $1000. 

CF Mariah, a lovely beige female with some white spots on her feet, born in 2010.   Her father is Avalon's Peruvian Polaris and her mother is CF Peruvian Lily.   

 CF Peruvian Phoebe, female, mixed color (light fawn head and neck and beige body) was born in 2008.  Her father is Avalon's Peruvian Polaris and her mother is CF Peruvian Lily  (who is a daughter of Misty, see above).  Phoebe won a Blue Ribbon in the light fawn class at the North American Alpaca show in 2011 and both a Red Ribbon and Reserve Champion in the combined mixed class at the 2010 North American Alpaca Show.  She is not for sale. 

CF Buffy, a beige female, was born in 2010. She is the daughter of The Monk's Oliver and CF Peruvian Honey. She is also a lovely female and is for sale for $1,000.

 CF Ginger, a smaller female, medium brown, lovely fiber, born 2012.  Her father is Chas Tavern Estrada and her mother is Peruvian Lily.   She is not currently for sale.