We wish all well and hope you are managing to stay safe and happy in these very stressful times!

Here we want to clarify our farm visitor covid policies.  

We request that no more than 5 customers at a time be in the farm stand.  If possible, it is best if only one person from your family/party enter the farm stand. 


Masks are required to enter the farm stand.  If someone has a medical reason why they cannot wear a mask in the farm stand, please come to the the side door and ask to speak to one of the cashiers about the problem.  However, it is best if that person not enter the farm stand for both their projection, our other customers and our cashiers.

Masks are required on the farm.  However, if you are more than 6 feet from anyone you may take off your mask.  It must still be visible and easy applied if someone comes close or you come close to someone not in your family/group. 


If someone in your family/group has a medical problem that prevents them from wearing a mask anywhere on the farm, please talk to the cashier before entering the farm.  The cashier may ask one of the owners to verify that it is OK for that person/child not to wear a mask on the farm.  Additionally, that person/child will be required to stay more than 6 feet away from anyone on the farm if they cannot wear a mask. 

Please stay more than 6 feet away from all of our employees in the fields.  

We hope all recognize that we are trying our best to provide a lovely, comfortable and as pleasant a place as possible to visit that will also not cause spread of the disease.  

Coonamessett Farm

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