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Peck O' Dirt Bakery is offering Holiday Pies!
Call or visit the farm stand to order.

Homemade Pie Choices for your Holiday Dinner!!

Apple crumb pie **/+  $ 31                

Toffee Bourbon Pecan Pie*  $31                 

Pecan Pie*     $30                 

S’more Pie-graham crust, chocolate ganache and pudding, whip    $30                Jamaican Rum Cake (contains alcohol)        $9.75               

Hot Cocoa Candy Cane bundt cake with ganache    $35                  

9 “Semolina almond cake with orange blossom and honey                 $30              9” Bourbon glazed Bread Pudding   $25                

6” Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting (2 layer)           $35                  

Vegetable Quiche (spinach, mushroom, zucchini)             $23                  

Bacon Tomato Quiche *       $23

No off menu additions allowed.

Not all items can be made gf or vegan, chef’s authorization required. charges will apply

*can be made gf add $2 ** can be made gf, add $4,  + can be made vegan $2/$4

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