Coonamessett Farm Events Calendar-2022

                                                (Subject to change)


Date                Day                 Time               Event


March 11        Fri                    9-5                   Begin Friday & Saturday openings; Take-away dinners


April 1            Thu                  9-5                   Opening Day; open Wednesdays thru Sundays


April 27          Wed                9-5                   Open every day


May Picking: Field lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, greens, radish, bunching onions; eggs,

                        Bedding plants, perennials, herbs, vegetable starts, hanging baskets,                                                          

May 1             Sun                 11-3                 May Day Celebration


May 8             Sun                  11-3                 Mother’s Day Brunch


June Picking: Strawberries, beets, leeks; in addition to May list; some cut flowers.


June 19           Sun                  11-3                 Father’s Day Brunch Buffet


June 22           Wed                 5-8                   Jamaican Grill Nights Begin


July Picking: Raspberries, blueberries, peas, green beans, summer squash, eggplant; cut flowers.


August Picking: add field tomatoes and peppers.


September Picking: add blackberries; winter squash.


October Picking: Pumpkins, beets, leeks, carrots.


Oct 29/30        Sat/Sun            11-3                 Pumpkin Decorating


Nov 5/6           Sat/Sun            11-3                 Artisans Fair


Nov 24             Thu                  CLOSED       Thanksgiving


Nov 26             Sat                   9-5                   Christmas tree sales begin


Dec 24             Sat                   9-noon             CLOSED FOR SEASON