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We participate in The Ohio University Agricultural Intern Program.  Every year we have the pleasure of hosted young interns from foreign countries who what a farming experience in the U.S.  Please welcome them when you see them and feel free to stop an while and talk with them!

This year our interns are: Ricardo, Aurora, Jorge and Hai.  Below are short bios from each.  

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Jorge Cruz

Horticultural Intern  

BS in Agronomy



Originally from Virginia, Lempira Honduras, he studied at the National University of Agriculture (UNAG) where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in agronomy in 2019. Jorge is one of the first two interns from Honduras at Coonamesett Farm, upon completion of his internship he plans to pursue postgraduate studies in the United States and later establish his own horticultural farm in his country.

“I am very happy for the opportunity to do this practical experience at Coonamessett farm, especially because it is a very innovative agro-tourism and organic production system that is committed to the diversification of crops in the field and greenhouse, I have acquired knowledge and experience that will be of Very useful for my future projects.”

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