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Farm Stand

Our farm stand is the perfect start to your experience at Coonamessett Farm. It's where you sign up for your membership, get your wrist band, grab a pastry, shop for farm goods and gifts, and talk to our friendly staff.


Check out our selection of mugs and hats. Our upper level membership comes with a free mug and hat or t-shirt.  


We also sell Cape Cod Honey at our Farm Stand. Our farm as well as other local nearby farms contribute to bring you this delicious honey. Eating local honey has numerous health benefits for your immune system as well! 


We have a great selection of sauces and dressings to choose from.


Every year we receive several shipments of Golba Baskets from Ghana. These baskets comes in various sizes and colors and are hand-woven. They are also mold-able and extremely long lasting. We have several sales on these baskets throughout our season. 

Alpaca products galore! We sell alpaca goods at very affordable prices. 


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