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Our Story

In 1982, Ron (an officer in NOAA and a captain of the Albatross) and Roxanna (a veterinarian specializing in aquatic animals) purchased 20 acres in Hatchville, MA with the deep desire to start a farm. Now (a few decades later), they have developed a farm that produces vegetables and fruits for the community.  But more than that, the farm provides a relaxing, beautiful, pick-your-own farm experience with a variety of farm animals for families to enjoy and for people to experience.  

vacation photos europe 2015 092.JPG

Ron in his infamous golf cart.

farm 029.JPG

Presently, the farm is a staple of the Falmouth community. The farm is an active member of this town and provides a farming experience to both town residents and visitors. All can enjoy the beauty of the farm, pick vegetables and berries see farm animals and just relax in a farm setting.  The farm offers a cafe, a bakery and a farm oriented store that features alpaca clothing. Be apart of our farm today and experience all that we have to offer!  

Rear view of the turbine

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